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Hassle free, flexible 3PL and order fulfillment services for growing brands. Order fulfillment services: warehousing, picking, packing, shipping. True rate shopping. 2-day shipping Concierge 3PL services: onsite account management, support team, custom packaging and inserts, inventory management

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"We have continued to see a willingness to expand at a rapid pace to keep up with the needs of our growing business. The Encore Team cares about serving our customers with excellence and has been a key part of our ability to scale over the years."

Carson Rock - Chief Sales Officer
Simple Modern

"Encore has modern and efficient warehouse operations that are scalable as our business grows. We are pleased with the time it takes to process and ship our orders."

Aric - Owner

“I have been consistently impressed by their ability to handle our complex needs and willingness to say yes to any challenge. Most importantly, I believe in the character and work ethic of the team.”

Mike - Co-Founder and CEO
Simple Modern

“We've worked with Encore since 2015. And through those years our business has changed and grown, and Encore has helped us every step of the way. We've developed a real partnership with them that has become part of the foundation of our business.”

Rachelle - Co-Owner
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"We've worked with Encore for years, and throughout their growth we've never once felt they lost their dedication to being amazing partners. If you've been jumping from one 3PL to another for a while (like we were), we'd recommend giving Encore a try!"

Greg - Co-Founder

“Toni Brattin & Company has grown with Encore Fulfillment since its inception - Partnering together to face the challenges of an ever-changing product distribution environment. Our working relationship is based on confidence and trust.”

Tom - CEO
Toni Brattin

“Encore has been flexible with Stord needs, provided enhanced fulfillment capacity in a key market, and mirrors our emphasis on best-in-class customer service


Fast. Flexible. Friendly.

Industry-best accuracy and fast fulfillment times reduces headaches and makes happy customers.
Accessible Staff

Flexible processes and friendly staff quickly respond to the specific needs of your business.

Scalable Solutions

Years of experience and elastic staffing means we can handle the growth of your company.

Direct Integrations

Encore connects seamlessly with most major shopping carts like Shopify, Magento, and others.

Connect With an Expert

Leverage our team of order fulfillment experts to improve and scale your ecommerce business.

Encore's central US location allows low-cost shipping to both US coasts in 2-3 days.

Encore's 2 Day Express Program and International shipping options expand your brand's service and reach.


feet of warehouse space

5 Million

orders shipped


Item Accuracy


Bottom Line Savings


Our Third-Party Logistic Services

Encore provides a full range of 3PL fulfillment services for growing E-commerce brands. From warehousing and inventory management, pick and pack order fulfillment, shipping optimization, to wholesale and mass retail distribution; we are your outsourced warehouse partner that becomes an extension of your team and brand. Through the entire lifecycle of the order fulfillment process, we serve your products and brand like it is our own.

3PL Warehousing and Inventory Management

The core of our business is warehousing and inventory management. Through our detailed inventory processes and advanced software, we track your inventory through the full lifecycle in the warehouse. Receiving is initiated via UPC scanning inbound products to insure accuracy. Inventory receiving is reconciled against expected inbounds to make sure the correct quantities have been delivered. All inventory management transactions from receiving, transfers, moves, picking, and packing are recorded in our software.

3PL Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment

Encore’s pick and pack order fulfillment is the driving force of our services. Through our advanced software and robust processes, we provide improved efficiency, scale, and piece of mind for our clients. The process starts at receiving, were we optimize pick and pack fulfillment through product slotting. For picking, our software uses advanced logic to batch and route orders through the warehouse in the most efficient method possible.

3PL Shipping

Shipping optimization is one of the most overlooked aspects of order fulfillment. Encore optimizes shipping through three methods: transparent pricing, true rate shopping, and 2-Day nationwide delivery program. We bundle our rates to get the most economical shipping rates possible for our clients through FedEx, UPS, and USPS. At the same time, we provide transparent, up front pricing on the shipping rates. Next, our software uses a true rate shop to make sure that the cheapest shipping method between carriers is used for every single shipment. Finally, we offer a 2-Day nationwide Express program for customers that need faster delivery times for their customers.

Wholesale and Mass Retail Distribution

How to execute wholesale and Mass Retail Distribution can be complicated and costly if mistakes are made. We have extensive knowledge of wholesale and Mass Retail Distribution that reduces errors and helps to eliminate chargebacks. Our expertise and processes allow us to efficiently process both pick pack order fulfillment and wholesale and mass retail distribution within the same facilities. This allows our clients to realize efficiencies through reduced space footprint and simplified operations by routing inventory to one facility and working with one team for all processes.

Encore’s End-to-End 3PL Fulfillment Process

Encore’s End-to-End 3PL fulfillment process insures that nothing is missed when fulfilling our clients’ orders. Here’s how the process works: we receive and slot your product for fulfillment. From there, we pick and pack your orders, scanning each time to insure accuracy. Additionally, we can pack your orders with branded boxes, packing tape, and inserts so your brand is on full display. Finally, we rate shop and ship your orders according to the service groups that you define.



Receiving is one of the most important parts of the order fulfillment process and it begins before product is ever received at the warehouse. The process starts with detailed product information entered into our warehouse management software. From there, expected inbounds are entered into our system. As product arrives at our facility, it is UPC scanned to insure we receive the correct product and then received against the expected inbound in our system. This process eliminates receiving errors and also allows our clients the ability to reconcile receipts to check that what they ordered actually arrived.


Warehousing (Pick & Pack)

The order fulfillment pick and pack process is the key factor on how efficient the warehouse operates. The pick and pack process starts at the end of receiving, as client product is slotted together in front stock locations for picking. This allows for  the most efficient picking workflow while consolidating each client’s footprint. From there, our warehouse management software uses advanced logic to batch orders together to choose correct batch sizes and best routes in the warehouse to efficiently process orders. Product is scanned at both the pick and pack process, which enables industry best order fulfillment accuracy of 99.9%



Shipping is one of the largest operational cost in ecommerce order fulfillment. Optimizing shipping starts on the clients website or marketplace, before the order is placed. Encore helps clients optimize their shipping strategy and spend by advising on correct shipping tiers and strategies for the website. From there, we train our staff on best packing practices, we use the best box size for each order, which results in smaller dimensional weights and less air shipped. Finally, our system utilizes true rate shopping, selecting the cheapest service possible while delivering within the time frame selected.


Order Fulfillment

At Encore, the 3PL Order Fulfillment process is not just receiving, picking, packing, and shipping but all of those services combined while still delivering each client’s brand expectations. Each of the services above has to work flawlessly so that we can deliver the experience that our clients and their customers expect. For an added touch, branded customization allows our clients to customize the delivery and unboxing experience. This includes utilizing branded boxes, branded tape, custom marketing inserts, and more.

How We Make a Difference

Encore is a full service order fulfillment company that takes a holistic approach to serving our clients. We believe first and foremost, that onsite customer support is key to serving our clients well. From there, we leverage our expertise and efficiencies to produce low cost shipping and reasonable fulfillment rates while not compromising service. Our flexible, customized solutions means that one size does not have to fit all. Finally, our integration network and shipping solutions allows ease of fulfillment and brand expansion across platforms and countries.

Customer Service
Low-Cost Shipping
Bottom Line Savings
Customized Solutions
Integration Network
Brand Expansion and Reach

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